Nature Trumps is kaput

I’m living in Brooklyn now and so, for obvious reasons, am no longer updating this blog.

I’ll leave it available online for now.

I’ll be happy to direct any future visitors to Nature Trumps to any new blogs devoted to the River that I’m made aware of, so please let me know of any.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this blog, with a special thanks to Katie Smith, who made it possible; Lewis MacAdams, who accidentally gave it its name; and Carmelo Gaeta, who taught me so much.

All best,

Jay Babcock

7 responses to “Nature Trumps is kaput

  1. Thank you for keeping up the good work Jay. I look forward to returning to your blog, and learning more from you !

  2. I keep a livejournal blog called “Upstream, Downstream” which discusses the river and the neighborhoods near it, as well as a few other topics. You can send folks there if you like. I’m sorry you have left our passionate and mystifying city.

  3. I highly recommend L.A. Creek Freak to anyone interested in the L.A. River.

  4. I don’t think I ever left a comment here, Jay, but I linked to you early on with my blog, and I have to say, you are REALLY missed here. How you put up with the problems in the River, and still kept going is beyond me. Garcetti is horrible.
    I was so impressed with the work you were doing, and you were an inspiration.
    So sorry you left.

  5. I’ve started an urban flyfishing blog if anyone wants to check it out

  6. Hi Jay,

    Sorry to hear you’re no longer doing the blog. I was looking for places to post the video I made about the A.C.E. whistleblower who alerted Congress and the media on the LA River crisis. If you like it, it would be great to have it embedded on your blog, or even sent to your subscribers, or both.


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