Monthly Archives: June 2007

Baby catfish school

Eeva spotted these baby catfish–guarded/chaperoned by two adult catfish–at riverside, just south of the pipe, on the freeway side, in the Atwater area of the Glendale Narrows. A crawfish was also hanging out. Popular spot.


Shadow of a teardrop


Better than a dogpark…


Fishing with a spear.


Carmelo Gaeta sez: “Jay, this is my cousin David. He’s a life-long resident of Atwater he’s been in and out of the River his whole life. Spear fishing in the river is his latest hobby. He makes his own spears. The design is based off the traditional Hawaiian Sling with some of his own backyard technique added for good measure. I’m sure those that come across him, with his camo’d out gear and 10 foot long spear, might feel a bit intimidated by this appearance, but I assure you he’s a good dude and means no harm to anyone. The fish he spears are donated to the urban campers along the L.A. River.”

(photo by jay babcock)

The parking is easy.

Came across this lovely couple spending their Saturday on an island in the Glendale Narrows, listening to Stranglers tunes and catching fish with Wonder Bread for bait. Good times! Like being at the beach — without having to park, or fight the crowds…


Mexican elderberries

Found a tree fruiting with these berries yesterday (21 June 02007 / summer solstice) on the Atwater side of the River just south of the Los Feliz Bridge, on the pedestrian pathway. Lewis MacAdams (FoLAR) tells me all the trees in this area were planed by Tree People a few years back.



The view looking upriver from the Sunnynook pedestrian bridge this past Sunday, 17 June 02007.


Riverside flower cathedral

Sorry about the glare on this one. Also missing is the sense of stillness, and the cottontail (?) coating on everything in this space except for these yellowers… (ID, please)