Garcetti office-contracted workers are chainsawing cottonwood trees and other plants on River islands as part of misguided clearcutting operation

I’m hearing that Mitch O’Farrell (him again) at L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti’s office has contracted with “Aztec Fire Fuel Department” for two trucks’ worth of supposedly “at risk” individuals to cut out the bamboo-like arundo donax plant growth on the islands in the Glendale Narrows area of the River bordering Atwater Village.

However, the crews are not just cutting the arundo, but they’re also chainsawing everything else, including cottonwood trees, which are being cut down or having limbs sawed off. The arundo is not a hazard, and will grow back quickly anyway. There is no good reason to cut it, especially in a manner that removes other plants, bushes and trees while leaving the arundo root mass intact.

Wikipedia: “Minor infestations can be removed manually, as long as the entire root mass and all rhizome parts are removed. Its dense growth and thick root masses make manual or mechanical removal of above-ground mass of large clonal monocultures a slow, inefficient, and difficult process. Rhizome pieces buried under 1-3 m of soil may resprout, and the disturbance caused by physical removal to the soil and surrounding communities may be severe.”

Using chainsaws and axes to clearcut a major infestation of arundo is idiocy.

Making things even stupider, these guys are leaving the detritus (limbs and branches) on the concrete bank, or in the land between the freeway and the River. At least one of these large piles next to the freeway was set on fire recently—you can see the blackened earth from the bikepath.

So, in essence, the City is trucking people to the River, where they are cutting down trees and other plant growth, in order to create fire hazards. Notice how every step ensures that there will be more carbon in the atmosphere—you gotta admire the reverse evil genius at work here.

Here’s some video and pictures of today’s damage. I didn’t get any footage of the two dozen or so workers hooting and whistling at the females (including schoolgirls) passing through the area on the bikepath. There’s always tomorrow, I guess.

3 responses to “Garcetti office-contracted workers are chainsawing cottonwood trees and other plants on River islands as part of misguided clearcutting operation

  1. And they’re probably tromping on bird nests – ’tis the season for nesting and you know they’re destroying everything in their paths…

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. This is sad. I’ve seen this kind of thing in my neighborhood. I call them cowboys with chain saws. Despicable. Keep fighting!

  3. cottonwoods are evil, they must all be destroyed

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