Garcetti memo details banning access to river

From: Mitch Ofarrell
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 15:10:09 -0800
Subject: yesterday’s meeting

Hello all:

Thanks for attending yesterday’s meeting and for contributing to the
progress we are making at the River. Renee Ellis took notes and here they
are for you. Thank you Renee. Also, attached is the letter I have been
sending out to fly fishing enthusiasts as was discussed yesterday. Mitch

1. Glen Manor Cages- Ted Masigat
The drawings are 90% complete for the design of the cages for these 5′
diameter water pipes that let into the L.A. River . They are looking for a
contractor and funds to pay the contractor.
2. River Signage- CD 13
The Army Corps will post signs in the CD 13 stretch of the River, with the LAMC Sec. 41.22 Loitering-River Bed information. (DWP to assist too). They are also posting off-leash dog signs.

3. LARRMP Implementation Update- Renee Ellis
Update on L.A. River City Dept. Task Force items and print of brochure was
passed around among the attendees.
4. Marsh Park- CD 13
MRCA is working on property adjacent to the River; Marsh Park , Phase I;
Skate Park , Phase II; Construction of a new passive & recreational use park
next to the skate park, Phase III.
There will be a community meeting for the residents at Elysian Valley
United on Feb. 28. The next phase of outreach meetings will include other
organizations, including schools.
5. CS 13 is working on brush clearance with the Army Corps.
6. The May FOLAR River Cleanup will extend into the above areas, since it
is becoming safer.
7. There is an ordinance stating that there is no fishing allowed in the River. In order for the LAPD and the Park Rangers to enforce this ordinance, it would help if they had flyers with the FOLAR L.A. River Report Card (water quality information) explaining the toxicity of the fish, that they could pass out to people that are fishing.

Mitch O’Farrell
District Director of Constituent Services
Office of City Council President Eric Garcetti
5500 Hollywood Boulevard , 4th floor
Los Angeles , CA 90028
Phone 323/957-4500
Fax 323/957-6841

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