The carp are biting

Yesterday I came across these dudes fishing in the Glendale Narrows ’round noontime, just as they each caught a large carp within seconds of each other.

Here’s Jon and Dean with their carp “Double Header,” around 4-5 lbs. each.

Dean Endress a.k.a “Flyjunkie” fights a carp on a 6 weight Fly Rod…

Dean with an 8 lb carp…

Releasing the carp back into the River, as is these dudes’ practice…

All photos courtesy of Dean, who sez: “I’ll be going back ASAP, ’cause those carp are too bloody much fun on a fly rod…”


7 responses to “The carp are biting

  1. Way to be on the scene Jay, this is good stuff. Look at these happy fishermen. The water is clear and the fish are fat what more do you need.

    carp derby spring 08, who’s in?

  2. Good fishin guys, btw where are you catching these carps?

    Vince R

  3. Good fishing is where you’re at.

  4. My son had been enjoying fishing in the river recently until the Park Rangers kicked him and my husband out saying it wasn’t allowed. Any info on that? I’d sure love it if he could return to the river for his fishing jones. We’ve been wanting to start an L.A. River Anglers club.

    Susan S.

  5. Don’t let the park rangers stop you from enjoying the LA River, it’s not a park. The Atwater Fish and Game Club is already happening.

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