Animal sacrifice by the River?

We came across this baby goat carcass at dusk last night, in the Glendale Narrows near the large duck pond south of the Los Feliz bridge, Atwater side. Hooves intact. Pools of dried blood. Head gone. Looks like it’d been killed there and then maybe burned. Santeria? We alerted another walker who took a look, he thought it’d been there 10-15 days. (Maybe during that weird eclipse?) Helena the duck lady said the last goat sacrifice she’d heard of had been maybe a year ago. She added that the chicken sacrifices tend to be south of the Hyperion bridge.

Pictures and video, taken this morning:





One response to “Animal sacrifice by the River?

  1. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it. Somehow I’d rather believe it was the chupacabra rather than an animal sacrifice.

    Found your blog via neath at Walking Turcot Yards.

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