River tours led by Jenny Price.

Tour the Mighty Los Angeles River!

Sept. 9–bus tour, 10am-4pm
Oct. 7–car-caravan tour, 10am-4pm

Everyone in Los Angeles has seen the LA River, and has heard that it’s being revitalized. But who knows where it is, exactly–and what exactly is happening on its banks?

The Friends of the LA River tours, which take you to current and planned restoration sites. Come walk, drive, and lunch along the LA River, as we talk about the river’s central role in the city’s past and the necessity of its comeback to LA’s future.

Tours convene at the River Center (near the 5/110), and stop at the Sepulveda Basin in the Valley, the Glendale Narrows across from Griffith Park, the historic Arroyo Seco confluence, the Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka the Cornfield), and the heart of downtown.

Led by Jenny Price. Car-caravan tours (form carpools at start)–$20 members/$25 non; Bus tours–$45/$55.

Kids are free–and dogs are welcome (and free).

If you’d like to sign up, go to http://www.folar.org/rivertours_2006.html


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