Baby catfish school

Eeva spotted these baby catfish–guarded/chaperoned by two adult catfish–at riverside, just south of the pipe, on the freeway side, in the Atwater area of the Glendale Narrows. A crawfish was also hanging out. Popular spot.


5 responses to “Baby catfish school

  1. Steve Iwashita

    They kind of look like tadpoles. Great photo, love the site.

  2. Thanks for the info. I just saw this in our condo complex pond and stared at them for quite sometime. I finally saw that they looked like catfish and did a search…your pics and video are exactly what I saw. Thanks for the info!

  3. Just fascinating… I am a biologist turned designer, interested in green design. Thank you for the site, the inspiration and proof that there is hope for the LA river.

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