Huell Howser’s L.A. River special rebroadcast June 14 10PM on KCET

Visiting…With Huell Howser #1507 – LA RIVER SPECIAL

“The Los Angeles River is often thought of as a huge concrete eyesore. Not anymore, at least not after you join Huell for this special one-hour adventure where Huell literally travels down the miles of river bed stopping along the way to talk to some of the many people working hard to bring our river back to its natural state. He’ll see the animals that call the river home, he’ll learn about the many ‘pocket parks’ which connect the community back to the river allowing local families to relax and enjoy the view, and he’ll get the scoop on what local government is doing on, in, under, and around the river to make it clean and green.”

We’ll be watching this on Thurs night 10-11pm on TV at the Little Joy pub on Sunset in Echo Park as part of Arthur Magazine’s weekly Echo Park Social(ist) and Pleasure Club there. Please join us…

One response to “Huell Howser’s L.A. River special rebroadcast June 14 10PM on KCET

  1. I saw the special which included a project on a street in Frogtown involving Northeast trees. Does anyone know where I can find out more about the drains inserted into the driveways which divert water onto the areas to be planted next to the sidewalks? I would like to re-do my driveway so the water will not run onto the streets, but instead, be diverted onto planted areas in my yard. Any information regarding this technology would be appreciated. Thanks.

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