Where are the frogs?

There were so many frogs in (and near) the Glendale Narrows area of the River in the ’50s that the area became known as Frogtown — a name that it retains to this day, even after the frogs have long since disappeared. The top theory (see Gumprecht) is that the frogs only hung around while there were plenty of stagnant ponds in the River’s sandy bottom. When the River’s flow through this area became steadier and cleaner sometime in the ’90s, the frogs lost their habitat. Today the riverscape is once again generating small ponds, like the one below. No frogs sighted yet, though.


2 responses to “Where are the frogs?

  1. There are plenty of frogs across the tracks at Taylor Yard State Park. You can hear them at night-delightful!

  2. you can hear frogs at sunset under the 2 freeway bridge.

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