A boat shows itself.

The River in Atwater is ever clearer these days; no rain means no runoff. Just a lotta chemically treated (“reclaimed”) sewer water flowing through, which means it’s… well nobody would suggest that you take a swig, but you can definitely wade in it, and Carmelo witnessed a guy swimming in it last week. What about boating? Well, I don’t know if it’s because the River water is clearer, or because the water level had suddenly lowered, or if this just happened…but I came across this today, in the big pond, which I’d never seen before:


Looks like a turned-over boat to me. Next to it was this — maybe a smaller boat, set on fire?:


Anybody know anything?

Also witnessed recently: a house cat (!) sneaking from a neighboring residential cul de sac down the concrete slope to the river’s edge. Was the cat down there for the water? Birds? Fish? I was so shocked I couldn’t get a picture.

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