New doc on revitalizing the river.

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“Following in the footsteps of the 1996 LA County master plan and revitalization efforts by not-for profit groups like FoLAR and Northeast Trees, the City of Los Angeles is moving ahead to develop a comprehensive master plan to revitalize a portion of the Los Angeles River. The revitaliza­tion effort will focus on the thirty-two miles of the Los Angeles River corridor that are within the City of Los Angeles. The revitalization plan will propose a 20-year blueprint for the development and management of the river. The stated project goals are to establish land-use and develop­ment guidelines, to improve the ecology of the river, to provide access to the river, to provide recreation space adjacent to the river, to enhance flood control, and to foster community awareness about the river.

“There are many big questions associated with revitalizing the river. What should be done in the channel? How to make it safe? How to balance environmental needs and urban development? How can the city expand the parkland? Who’s going to pay for it? What can be done to prevent residential displacement?

“This 27-minute documentary film about the LA River weaves together citizens’ voices, river imagery, historical documents, and visuals from the city’s proposed Master Plan. Our goal is to explain how current and past efforts have shaped the debate about what the river and its adjacent areas should look like. The film is also meant to motivate people, who may not currently be engaged, to participate in these discussions.

“The film was funded through a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.”

William Deverell Professor of History at the University of Southern California
Robert García Executive Director of The City Project
Mia Lehrer Principal of Mia Lehrer + Associates
Lewis MacAdams Poet, and Chair of the Board of Directors and cofounder of FoLAR
Raul Macías Founder of the Anahuak Youth Soccer Association
Supervisor Gloria Molina Los Angeles County Supervisor of the First District
Councilmember Ed P. Reyes First Council District
Daniel A. Rosenfeld Principal of Urban Partners
Deborah Weintraub Deputy City Engineer City of the Los Angeles
Department of Public Works at the Bureau of Engineering
Scott Wilson President North East Trees
Melanie Winter Director the River Project

Filmed & Directed by: Sarah Lorenzen & David Hartwell
Written by: Sarah Lorenzen


One response to “New doc on revitalizing the river.

  1. Hey, I just wrote a post on my land management-esque blog regarding the LA River story. I think it is a milestone project!

    WordPress generated a link to this page at the bottom of my post so I thought I’d check it out.

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