Catfish in the L.A. River…


George Wolfe (the Lone Kayaker of River lore) just hipped me to this 7 March 02007 entry by Denise Hamilton in her “Native Intelligence” LAObserved blog:

“George Wolfe…spotted several exotic 6-8-inch fish in the high-walled area a few miles south of the Sepulveda Basin and has concluded that they’re South American catfish….

“A fisherman friend of Wolfe’s who analyzed his photos believes the fish is a plecostomus catfish ‘that comes in many sizes, including a species that grows big enough to feed a whole village. The South American rivers of this fish’s native habitat can be quite murky, warm and low-oxygen, so that’s why it can survive in the L.A. County Flood control channel,’ writes G. Wing.”


2 responses to “Catfish in the L.A. River…

  1. This doesn’t look like a catfish to me, where are the wiskers? Interesting.

  2. I concur, that fish is a pleco species. They are very common in aquaria.

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