River tour – Saturday, May 19

from Jenny Price:

The next FoLAR (Friends of the L.A. River) river tour is Saturday May 19.
This tour will be by car caravan, and I’ll be leading it.

Please pass this on to anyone you think may want to come, and feel
free to post on websites.

The tours run 10-~4:30. We’ll meet at the River Center (near the
5/110) to form carpools. We’ll then start the tour in Sepulveda Basin
in the Valley, where the river is at its wildest; go to the verdant
Glendale Narrows across from Griffith Park to see the new mini-parks;
stop at the Arroyo Seco confluence, near where LA was founded; go to
the Not a Cornfield in Chinatown to see the huge new State Park project;
and head downriver to talk about the visions for downtown.

We’ll stop at a riverside cafe for lunch or you can bring your own.
If you’d like to come but need to leave after lunch (at the Arroyo
Seco stop), we can arrange that.

Cost is $20/$25 (members/non-members). Kids 18 and under are free.

Sign up on the FoLAR website at

Would love to see you on the river.


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