Dead ducks

Life and sudden, pointless death in the L.A. River: we found these two dead ducks within 20 yards of each other, just north of the Hyperion Bridge on the 5 side of the River on Sunday.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen dead ducks along the River.

The first, pictured below, seemed to have been shot — the other, pictured futher below, seemed to have died in a struggle. Since the bodies were left, one would guess this was done by humans for sport. I can almost understand killing the ducks for food — that’s life — but just to kill them? Sick.

We need more people reinhabiting the River: the more people around, the harder it is for sadists to do their thing.



(Photos Jay Babcock, 30 April 02007)

One response to “Dead ducks

  1. so sad. hopefully it’s not a trend.

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