Cooked carp

Can you eat the fish in the L.A. River? Dunno if it’s a wise move, but somebody is trying. Found on the riverside sandbar just south of the Hyperion bridge: the remains of a fire and half a cooked carp.


from Wikipedia: “While tasty when grown in good water, carp can be riddled with small bones in unpredictable locations. Most carp have a fishy taste and are not considered to be good for eating in North America, although they are popular in restaurants in Japan and Taiwan where the fish are also considered to be signs of good fortune. The common carp is one of the most aquacultured consumption fish in the world, produced in the hundreds of thousands of tons annually. Carp is a traditional Christmas Eve dish in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Poland.”

FoLAR is planning a year-long study on the toxicology of the fish in the River. In the meantime, consider the following from Steve Hymon’s column in the 30 April 02007 Los Angeles Times:

“Which local politician isn’t just looking for his own name when he reads the newspaper?

Assemblyman Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), who read here in February that the county was spraying down the walls of the Arroyo Seco with a combination of three herbicides. One of those is toxic to fish.

The Arroyo Seco drains to the L.A. River, which the city is trying to revitalize. So, on March 27, De Leon sent the Los Angeles County agricultural commissioner’s office ā€” the agency that did the spraying ā€” a letter asking a slew of questions.

Is the county also spraying along the L.A. River? Is there an alternative to spraying? How are the herbicides chosen? Is the public informed?

As of Friday afternoon, De Leon was still waiting for a response, 32 days after sending his letter.”

(photo Jay Babcock, 29 April 02007)

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