Expedition to the fallen outpost “Shizor.”


Last year an urban camper dude and a dog lived in the shaded grove on the island pictured here in the background. He decorated the area with painted rocks (polkadots and solids), a riverside potted plant with rug, “found sculptures” (brightly colored plastic frogs, etc) in the flowing water, two deck chairs in the middle of the river beneath the bamboo-like canes from which were strung counterfeit dollar bills, and flew a pirate’s flag from his semi-fortress. He was forcibly evicted last November in a woefully misguided multi-agency City operation. Still, remnants of the beauty he’d brought to the River remain…


(photos Jay Babcock, 28 April 02007)


One response to “Expedition to the fallen outpost “Shizor.”

  1. friend of shizor

    the beautiful art at the river was ultimately bulldozed to its demise…yes i said they used a BULLDOZER…to flatten beauty, to flatten art on accident, pure of spirit, sincere and a simple expression of something fun..art by accident, man and nature, earth and urban, a grass roots high time … silly representation of HARMONY, on this planet, at that place and time vs the universe…or the city and their plans, for next twenty years…twenty years, is a long time to put together a couple of river things to do,…only took shizor less than 20 months, but he could’ve charged admission and sent the money to the cityh for rent and then maybe they would be more appreciative of the art.,.. items to found or forsaken by somebody that had miraculously been to art whatever i didn’t mean to say anything except

    Does anybody have aany information, articles, PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES of the shizor island “installation” I’, going toneed it for “shizor’s” portfolio and to help him help himself…or rexonnect…or change the face of the los angeles river./;.email to me asap and you can tdell me to shut up, yhou should bye

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